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Have any questions?     404-756-0736

SMARTSOLUTIONS Smart Energy Thermostat


A New Level of Comfort

The SMARTSOLUTIONS Thermostat is a Z-Wave Plus programmable device with longer wireless range capabilities. This smart thermostat gives the you the utmost in comfort, control and convenience. You’ll be able to manage and lower heating and cooling costs anytime. It’s easy to integrate and is compatible with most Z-Wave hubs and most conventional HVAC systems. You can setup automation rules for temperature changes and seamlessly adjust using the mobile app. With capacitive touch buttons and a brighter LED screen the SMARTSOLUTIONS Thermostat is simple to operate.

            • Integrates with Alarm.com
            • Battery-powered
            • Supports 2-stage cooling, 3-stage heating
            • Temperature presets (home, away, sleep) for energy-saving schedule
            • Seamless adjust comfort settings from the panel, thermostat, or mobile app
            • Broad HVAC compatibility
            • Humidity sensing and control
            • Supports Multiple Zones
            • Z-Wave communications module