Have any questions?     404-756-0736

Have any questions?     404-756-0736

Commercial Security

System 5 Electronics, Inc. provides security and loss prevention solutions to protect and manage your employees and business 24 hours a day. We also offer wireless security alarm systems with wireless radio backup, keeping you connected to police and fire departments. This add-on also features full event reporting and line-fault detection for use as a back-up or primary communicator in the event that the phone lines are cut or interrupted. In addition, we provide Supervised Opening and Closing Reports and Non-Supervised Opening and Closing Reports.

Supervised Opening and Closing Reports

  • The opening and closing reports ensures that employees are protected during the hours when the majority of robberies occur
  • All System 5 Electronics alarm panels have a built in phone line monitoring device to alert you in the event the connection goes down
  • Provides safety to employee at the time of closing – if no closing signal is receive by our monitoring station, the location will be contacted and if no response is received the police will be notified

Non-Supervised Open/Close Reports

  • Non-Supervised Open/Close Reports provide the time and date for the opening and closing of your commercial business

Long Range Radio

  • Provides notification to user anytime phone lines or communication devices are no longer connected. In the event that the lines of communication to your commercial property are disabled, the functions will send out a notification relaying this information – notification is critical for rapid response time and ensuring that an intruder has not unlawfully entered into your establishment

Fire Panels with 24-hour Time Test

  • Reports to the Central Monitoring Station on a daily basis to ensure that the phone line is connected

Phone Line Monitoring

  • Provides additional line of defense for you business, by utilizing wireless technology to secure monitoring your business
  • If the phone lines to your commercial business are cut, monitoring signal is still transmitted to the monitoring station
  • All monitoring rates are $2.00 less per month if paid yearly

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