Have any questions?     404-756-0736

Have any questions?     404-756-0736

SMARTSOLUTIONS Prime Series Smoke Alarm


The SMARTSOLUTIONS Smoke Alarm is a highly advanced and reliable smoke detector that provides superior protection against fire hazards. This innovative smoke detector is equipped with advanced features such as photoelectric smoke detection technology, which detects slow-burning fires, and a built-in temperature sensor that can detect rapid increases in temperature. With its advanced features, ease of use, and integration with home automation systems, the SMARTSOLUTIONS Smoke Alarm is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to protect their home and family from the dangers of smoke and fire.

            • Photoelectric smoke detection technology
            • Fixed heat detection sensor
            • Built-in temperature sensor for detecting rapid temperature increases
            • Strong, reliable signal providing early warnings for life threatening fire and smoke events
            • Communicates with other devices in the home automation system
            • Long range transmitter
            • Low battery indication and long battery life
            • UL217 certified*



*UL217 certification means that a smoke alarm or detector has been tested and meets specific safety and performance requirements outlined in the UL217 standard. This includes requirements for detecting smoke, sounding an alarm in the presence of smoke, and meeting certain levels of reliability and durability.