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Marie Van Brittan Brown was an African-American nurse who revolutionized home security by inventing the first home security system in 1966. Her invention came at a time when there was a rise in crime rates, especially in urban areas, and she saw a need for a system that could help keep her and her family safe.

Brown’s system was innovative and ahead of its time, consisting of a closed-circuit television system that could be accessed from a monitor in her home, as well as a two-way microphone system and a remote-controlled door lock. This allowed her to see and communicate with visitors at her front door without having to physically open it, which was particularly important for her as she was often home alone.

Brown’s invention was significant not only for its practical applications but also for the impact it had on the security industry as a whole. Her system laid the foundation for the development of modern home security systems, which are now a standard feature in many homes around the world.

What is particularly noteworthy about Brown’s invention is that she was a Black woman working in a field dominated by men. Her innovative spirit and determination to create a safer home environment for herself and her family broke down barriers and paved the way for future innovations in home security.

Today, Brown’s legacy continues to inspire many people, particularly women and people of color, to pursue careers in fields traditionally dominated by men. Her invention serves as a testament to the power of innovation and the importance of creating solutions to problems that affect our everyday lives.

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