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Excerpt from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lawrenceville to begin enforcing alarm registration ordinance in the new year

By Tyler Wilkins
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Lawrenceville residents and business owners will want to clamp down on their burglar alarms heading into the new year unless they want to find fines in their mailboxes.

The city’s false alarm ordinance, approved by City Council in September, took effect on Wednesday. Individuals will now receive false alarm notices, while fines will start going out in January.

Residents will pay $25 for their third false alarm and $100 for any subsequent false alarms. Businesses will be fined $50 for their second false alarm, $200 for their third false alarm and $400 for any subsequent false alarms…

The ordinance requires alarm users to complete a permit application and return it to the city within 10 business days of installing or transferring a system. Permits are free, but a late fee will be assessed for non-residential alarms after 30 days.

Residents can register their alarm at crywolfservices.com/lawrencevillega/.

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